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Lee Purdy stopped Chris Johnson in the first round (English title)

Curtis Valentine stopped Ryan Aston in the second round (midlands area)

Rocky Fieldng stopped Ferenc Hafner in the first round

Scott Cardle stopped Karoly Lakatos in the third round


Ryan Toms stopped Nathan weise in the 1st or the 2nd (southern area)

Tony Conquest stopped Leon Williams in the 1st (southern area)

Richard Commey won by stoppage on his uk debut to move to 12(12)-0-0

Dillian Whyte stopped Gabor Farkas in the second round

Ian Lewison won 40-36


Lee Haskins beat Stuart Hall on points (European championship)

Lenny Daws stopped Dean Mills in the seventh round

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I stayed for the entire card. Complete anti-climax, 70% of people were gone by the end of the main event forgetting that there was a European title fight to come and 90% were gone once the Hope/Proksa fight concluced, leaving Yafai, Aston and co boxing in front of 2 men and their dogs. I'm not a fan of scheduling fights post-main event.

A lot of knob heads in the arena too, pissed out of the face thinking they're Rocky, talking bollocks and leaving early. The sheer number of people that didn't seem to give a shit about Mathews/Rees and were more content to refill their plastic cups with beer was surprising. There were even people blocking the view on a consistent basis for the main event, completely boggles the mind. Not the best of crowds overall.

Proksa is still not very good IMO. Managed to get a great seat once everybody left and had good viewing of this fight and the kid throws punches from his waist without looking. The fight hinted at going a similar way for a period, Proksa was starting to look untidy after a good start. I don't like him against anybody that deals with his early speed/unorthodox style early.

Aston seemed to get it completely wrong. In many ways this fight lit up the undercard but was unfortunately seen by about 10 people. Valentine made a concerted effort to rough Aston up on the inside throwing some pretty vicious rabbit punches and getting away with nothing but a slap on the wrist. It seemed to do the trick though as Aston didn't use any of the skills I saw him display on the Froch card, instead he traded punches at mid range. His legs were doing all kinds of dances. On this evidence he's going to have to go back to the drawing board if he wants to progress at domestic level, as if you can't trade with Curtis Valentine you need to protect fragile goods.

Yafai was too over eager. He was fast enough but lunging a little too much. He was also slapping his punches, they sounded impressive but I could tell he needs a little work. Not sure why his opponent was pulled out by his corner, he wasn't taking any huge damage.

Rhys Roberts was completely uninspiring in the final fight of the evening. Tried to jab his way to victory in an affair devoid of meaningful action. Dai Davies despite being obviously less talented hustled his way to a fair draw.
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