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Quality obscure boxers from times gone past

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I'll leave it at your discretion as to how obscure you think guys are.

Just interested in looking into a few guys I may not have heard of or even not noticed so much.
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Venice Borkhorsor. Dangerous enough to stop Betulio Gonzalez and skilled enough to outbox Erbito Salavarria. great shout on notice, the guy he's fighting there is one of those Africans with an awesome moniker! I think Lotti Mwale beat Proud as well. In fact I'll throw Mwale's name in the hat; KO1 Tony Sibson, first man to beat Marvin Johnson but sadly remembered for getting annihilated by Saad and Mustafa.

Sadly, no footage of Captain Marvel or Hitler The Killer has turned up yet :lol:
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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