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Quality obscure boxers from times gone past

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I'll leave it at your discretion as to how obscure you think guys are.

Just interested in looking into a few guys I may not have heard of or even not noticed so much.
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Benny Valgar was known as the french flash (born in Paris) he was an American who boxed out of New York who at one point ray arcel compared skill wise to the great Benny Leonard but without Leonard's power . Arcel in fact tells a short story in a book that while walking in new york in the seventies i think. Arcel saw Benny Leonard's brother who told Arcel about a great lightweight that was boxing in the garden and suggested that Arcel go along and have a look himself as the fighter was another Benny Valgar. The lightweight was Ken Buchanan, Arcel then says that what he saw was a very good boxer but no Benny Valgar. that for me says it all and sadly another great fighter that there is no film of

some sources spell it Valgar and some as Valger
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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