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Quality obscure boxers from times gone past

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I'll leave it at your discretion as to how obscure you think guys are.

Just interested in looking into a few guys I may not have heard of or even not noticed so much.
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elbows mcfadden

dunno if he is obscure, but i dont hear him talked about much.
he was the one who pioneered the cross-arm defence later used by archie moore, norton, foreman
his signature punch was missing with a hook and landing with the elbow, hence his name :)
he was active at lightweight 7/8 years either side of the year 1900 and he's got wins on his record over joe gans and kid laviegne...and fought sam langford, (although langford ko'd him and he was unconscious for over two minutes)
horace notice.

ended his short career with a record of 16-0 with 12 ko's...forced to retire due to a detached retina.
was in the same camp as gary mason and frank bruno and some insiders said he was the best of them, although he was a small heavyweight, he could have been a great cruiserweight.

a great line of form as an indicator of how good notice might have been is analect wamba...who was 14-0 when notice beat him...wamba went on to win his next 17 fights in a row..only losing by disqualification in his next loss (against a man he beat twice quickly afterwards) and went on to win the wbc cruiser title, defend it seven times and retire as champion. (so, effectively the only man to beat him was notice)

if i could add an amatuer here...

i am convinced this lad would have made a great pro..had a great pro style to my eyes.....he went on to become an actor, well known to many as zammo from grange hill.
he did a lot of damage to his back in a car crash and that stopped him turning pro.
here he is against the brother of paul hodkinson....see what you make of him...just before headgear..

1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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