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Rank BHop's Greatest Wins

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Think I'll do a few of these threads over the next few weeks.

Do it anyway you want. Top 5. Top 10. Top 15.

1. Felix Trinidad
2. Oscar De La Hoya
3. Glen Johnson
4. Kelly Pavlik
5. Jean Pascal
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Overall its a great record but I've never felt the middleweight reign was that good in terms of quality. Too many rematches, smaller guys moving up and mediocre middleweights. Obviously not Hopkins fault it wasn't a stacked division though.
His reign was shit tier, but title reigns mean nothing in my eyes. Not since Lennox Lewis retired.
Sorry Flash, not being funny but I can't understand that post at all mate.
To me, it's a different era, so titles are practically handed out and unifications are pretty much impossible. The last true Unified reign was Lennox Lewis to me, and he defended his belt, whereas B-Hop fought a lot of nobodies, so its not the same level. Basically I was agreeing. I think Hopkins has a great resume, but a bad title reign as a Middleweight.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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