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Rank BHop's Greatest Wins

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Think I'll do a few of these threads over the next few weeks.

Do it anyway you want. Top 5. Top 10. Top 15.

1. Felix Trinidad
2. Oscar De La Hoya
3. Glen Johnson
4. Kelly Pavlik
5. Jean Pascal
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Christ! Its pretty poor when you put it like that.

1. Trinidad
2. Tarver
3. Pascal
4. Pavlik
5= Johnson/ Joppy
How long before someone puts Calzaghe or Taylor in their list?
Great resume, that's all I'll say.
Overall its a great record but I've never felt the middleweight reign was that good in terms of quality. Too many rematches, smaller guys moving up and mediocre middleweights. Obviously not Hopkins fault it wasn't a stacked division though.
How long before someone puts Calzaghe or Taylor in their list?
3 minutes.:-(
I'd forgot he even fought Tarver. I mean he has some other good names in Wright and Jones but thats all they were as hey weren't much cop at the time he fought them and Wright was just out of his element at LHW.
Winky and Oscar didn't get in for the same reason for me. Hopkins was expected by most people to have a relatively easy night with both of them in the weight class and the time of their careers they fought.
His reign was shit tier, but title reigns mean nothing in my eyes. Not since Lennox Lewis retired.
Sorry Flash, not being funny but I can't understand that post at all mate.
Gotcha. I didn't know whether shit tier was two words or one word, "shitier" either!!;)
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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