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Rank Roberto Duran's greatest wins

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1. Sugar Ray Leonard
2. Esteban De Jesus II
3. Ken Buchanan
4. Esteban De Jesus III
5. Iran Barkley
6. Carlos Palomino
7. Hiroshi Kobayashi
8. Ernesto Marcel
9. Davey Moore
10. Pipino Cuevas
11. Gits Ishimatsu
12. Saoul Mamby
13. Ray Lampkin
14. Lou Bizzaro
15. Hector Thompson
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Im glad you have Palomino high. Underrated win for Duran, as is Marcel. If have both above Kobeyashi

Id maybe have De Jesus 3 a little lower, behind Barkley. But im nitpicking.

Its a very good list. It really highlights just how great Duran was
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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