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Rank Roberto Duran's greatest wins

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1. Sugar Ray Leonard
2. Esteban De Jesus II
3. Ken Buchanan
4. Esteban De Jesus III
5. Iran Barkley
6. Carlos Palomino
7. Hiroshi Kobayashi
8. Ernesto Marcel
9. Davey Moore
10. Pipino Cuevas
11. Gits Ishimatsu
12. Saoul Mamby
13. Ray Lampkin
14. Lou Bizzaro
15. Hector Thompson
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Its cause of the inconclusive ending, the fight was cut short and it was very close. I just thought it was a really poor stoppage and took away it being a great victory. If the stoppage had been legit or it had continued and he'd won on points as I expected he would have it would have been better imo.
That was out of Duran`s hands though, he still did his thing in the actual fight. A poor decision by a ref shouldn't take away/add to the performance of the fighter whatsoever.
I think it does tbh, sure its not fair on the fighter but its also not fair on the fighter who lost either. i still ranked it rather high but I felt his other victories were more dominant and that put them ahead whereas in this one Marcel still could have won but the bout was cut short. if he had been dominating like the way I had him a long way ahead against Buchanan it may not have been an issue but I only had this fight but a round (i think).
Its 1 Duran fight I`ve never actually watched in full, I always assumed judging by the way people spoke of the fight that it was a clear win for Duran... I`ll probably check it out tonight on youtube.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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