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Rank Roberto Duran's greatest wins

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1. Sugar Ray Leonard
2. Esteban De Jesus II
3. Ken Buchanan
4. Esteban De Jesus III
5. Iran Barkley
6. Carlos Palomino
7. Hiroshi Kobayashi
8. Ernesto Marcel
9. Davey Moore
10. Pipino Cuevas
11. Gits Ishimatsu
12. Saoul Mamby
13. Ray Lampkin
14. Lou Bizzaro
15. Hector Thompson
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1- Sugar Ray Leonard
2- Ken Buchanan
3- DeJesus II
4- Marcel
5- Barkley
6- D.Moore
7- Dejesus III
8- Palomino
9- Ishimatzu
10- Cuevas
11- V.Fernandez
12- S.Mamby
13- Kobayashi
14- J.Castro
15- Minchillo
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Kobayashi i way too high he was past his best coming of a loss and he never fought again he shouldnt be ahead of Moore or Marcel nor should he be ahead of Ishimatzu a guy that after Duran beat went on to win the WBC belt against Rodolfo Gonzalez and made five defenses of the title including a win over Ken Buchanan IMO its probably Duran's most underrated win and i would also had it ahead of Cuevas who by the time of the Duran fight hadnt fought in two years and was clearly past his best.

Bizarro was an awful fighter and shouldnt be nowhere near that list he never beat anyone of note before or after facing Duran and his performance against Duran was pathetic to say the least all he did was run the entire fight and still ended up taking a beating in the end, his performance ranks alongside Morrade Hakar's performance against Hopkins as one of the worse title challenges i have ever seen.

Another guy who i think should be in that list is Vilomar Fernandez another one of Duran's underrated wins. Fernandez was one of the best spoilers in the lightweight division and a guy who gave a hard time to almost everyone he faced and he went on to beat the great Alexis Arguello the year after Duran beat him.

Just my two cents.
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1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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