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1. Saunders (still early days, but I think he will do really well as long as he stays dedicated)
2. Sillakh (I still rate him despite being stopped. Hopefully he gets an opportunity to prove himself)
3. Oguni (achieved more than most on this list after 8 fights; fight this weekend will tell us a lot)
4. Pulev (should get opportunities in a lacking division)
5. T Kameda (don't particularly rate him as of yet, but will get opportunities due to his name)
6. Cote (exciting puncher, but sceptical of his potential until he is stepped up)
7. Korobov (looked good at first, but seems to have regressed and isn't being pushed)
8. Garcia (with achievements in mind; looked good when I did see him in action)
9. Rabchenko (has reached his level, IMO)

Can't recall seeing Ramon Jr., so I've left him out.

Hard to try and rank these in order! :yep
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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