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Results from Southampton, Liverpool and Halifax

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King Davidson stopped Joseph Lampety in the second (wbo international title)


Steve harkin beat Lyndon Newman 97-93 (British masters)
Courtney Fry beat Carl Wild 60-55
Kenny Anderson beat Ruslan Pojonisevs 60-53
Ryan Farrag beat Ian Bailey 58-56


Tyrone Nurse beat Karoly Laktos 60-54
Nathan Owens beat Moses Mvotou 39-38
Jamie Kelly beat John Waldron 39-37
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is tyrone nurse EVER going to step up,how many figts has he had now, 20 odd,only lost in prizefighter,seriously the boy needs to move up or just give it up,he does my head in
so anyone know whats happening to nurse ? is he just that shit he can't or won't be moved up
Got injured after PF
so,what about his 20 odd fight unbeaten record fighting nobodys before prizefighter ?

ive nowt against him but for fucks sake,22 fights ubbeaten,1 loss in prizefighter,fighting nobodys for 4 or 5 years may as well give up instead of fighting for 6 or 7 hundred quid every few months
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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