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Give this a watch fellas. Interested to hear some opinions.

Bit of background: he is basically Hong Kong's only pro boxer and co headlined the Hatton Hong Kong this week. He is getting quite a bit of attention here and there were a few Canto-celebs there, as well as getting 'rapped' to the ring by a HK Hip Hop group!

I also make a front row cameo appearance right at the end :smug

Really like to see few honest, in-depth breakdowns if poss'

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He looked ok. Room for improvement: Sharpen up the jab, he looks tall but didn't use it as a weapon or get it back quick enough. He's too open when coming forward, he could do with remembering the other will throw back. He doesn't cut the ring off effectively and he should step in rather than lean when trying to land his left.

Positives: He looked fit for 12, took a few shots (light-hitting opponent though) and didn't look fazed, he works the body well and good variation inside
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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