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Ricky Burns to defend against the mighty Jose Gonzalez on May 11

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Amazing if true!
I just don't think it's necessarily a bad one. It's an unknown quality. He's been out for a bit of time and needs to look good in Scotland. It's promotion 101, Ricky Burns always delivers in the end.
ye its not terrible, its not great, but as long as Vazquez/Abril or the unlikely Broner fight is in September (which is doable) then i wont complain about this
The champs need to unify. They've cleared out the challengers in fairly brutal fashion (DeMarco, Mitchell, Rees) or just outboxed them (Kim, Borgere, Gesta). Add to that people like Katsidis, Prescott, Rios and they've all between them cleared the division apart from each other
1 - 3 of 51 Posts
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