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Ricky Burns to defend against the mighty Jose Gonzalez on May 11

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Hopefully it's true, think it might be Gonzalez though.
Sorry, but it's a shite fight and the whole way in which Gonzalez became the mandatory challenger is a load of bollocks too.

All the WBO is saying is that if you defend one of their little trinkets and line their pockets with money from sanctioning fees, then you will earn/buy your way towards a 'world' title shot. Don't worry about not fighting any boxers in the top 50, defending the prestigious WBO Latino title is more than enough to become #1 contender.

He might turn out to be a world beater, but the limited footage I've seen of him suggests that won't exactly be the case. Either way, an unknown, unproven boxer should not be considered a viable option to fight for world honours just because they've got a protected '0'.

TBH, I'm more annoyed that he rose to mandatory position rather than actually getting the fight. I know bullshit like this happens time and time again with all of the organisations, but it doesn't make it right to just accept it.
True, he's been mandatory for about 6 months now, fuck knows why.

Watched a couple of his fights on YouTube, he has power, but that's about it.
1 - 6 of 51 Posts
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