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Ricky Hatton comeback could be on Terrestrial tv.

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This comeback is going to end badly. Maybe a bit like McGuigans, OK for a couple of soft touches but then beaten by a guy he would have flattened his his prime when he steps up to world class.
TBH I think Paulie is a decent enough fighter, its just that he was never going to beat Hatton. The style match-up was bad for him, no punch or movement to keep a pressure fighter off makes for a long night.

I knew Hatton would do a better job on Paulie than Cotto purely because of the styles issue, not because Hatton was a better fighter than Cotto at that point in their careers.
Not sure Mig. Hattons style doesn't age well and at 34(?) he's knocking on but I do think if theres one world class fighter he can beat in his comeback then its Mallinaggi. If I was Hatton he'd be the fight I'd be looking at sooner rather than later.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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