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Ricky Hatton comeback could be on Terrestrial tv.

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Malignaggi....All day all night....World champ....sunset.
This comeback is going to end badly. Maybe a bit like McGuigans, OK for a couple of soft touches but then beaten by a guy he would have flattened his his prime when he steps up to world class.
Has he actually said he is coming back or gave any kind of rumblings???

Someone said to Jamie Moore on twitter last night was Moore still thinking of a comeback???...Moore replied, if Ricky comes back I'll fight on the same bill....I liked what he said at first then thought this sounds like a no go, what with Moores brain scans from the past etc?

I still think Ricky could come back and beat Malignaggi........ Malignaggi is pretty poor really IMO.
You still think lets say Ricky is 75% of his former self he could take Paulie as of now???
I think beating Paulie would be good enough personally, but like you say once he gets the taste for it, sure he will be thinking, well they are a few years older too..........
Fucking hell he looks at least 5 years younger now he's lost some weight.
Looking the part eh mate!
1 - 6 of 26 Posts
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