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Ricky Hatton vs Vyacheslav Senchenko: who wins?

  • Vyacheslav Senchenko (Decision)

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Ricky Hatton vs Vyacheslav Senchenko (24th Nov)

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Ricky Hatton vs Vyacheslav Senchenko
10 rounds Welterweight
24th November, 2012 - Manchester Arena, Manchester, United Kingdom

The Fight Card
Ricky Hatton v Vyacheslev Senchenko
Scott Quigg v Rendall Munroe
Martin Murray v TBA
Gary Buckland v Stephen Foster Jnr
Sergey Rabchenko v Cedric Vitu
Scott jenkins v TBA
Ryan Burnett v TBA
Adam Etches v TBA
James Dickins vTBA
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:lol: Sky Sports news can fuck off.

"We don't know the opponent yet. I wonder if it will be either Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather, the only two men to have beaten him. Or it could be Freddie Flintoff or Amir Khan"7

"The WBU weight lifting title" :rofl

They also said he lost to Mayweather and the Pac in his next fight. Idiots
He just said he's 11 stone something now! Welter at very lowest I expect! wouldnt be suprised if his first fight is at a catchweight.
So Paul Dempsey hosting, Malignaggi and Ryan Rhodes as pundits, Ian Darke and Richie Woodhall in commentary and big Ron McIntosh doing the interviews. Good line up :good
Malignaggi for the build up to their fight :bbb and glad Woodhalls on it .
Did I hear somewhere that Showtime were covering the fight as well? :think
Yeah :lol:
hatton's punch resistance is completely gone though. i am really tempted to bet on a senchenko stoppage but his shitness is clouding my judgement
Based on what :think
Getting sparked last time out by a filipino midget.
Those shots from that journeyman wouldnt have wobbled anyone else.
Senchenko's gonna win.
You really think ? Worth getting on the stoppage mate at 5/1
I am thinking about it but probably won't back it. The main problem being that even if Hatton is poor, Senchenko will likely be even worse.

I see Hatton labouring to a wide-ish decision win, which completely contradicts my previous "Senchenko's gonna win" comment :lol: :patsch

Hatton wins.
Not fancy a draw? you can definitely gloat with the correct result on Sunday then :lol:
:think I guess it could be a draw actually.

I'm going late ko for Wicky, he'll slip under that jab with a vicious left just under the rib cage .
Ive gone backwards and forwards so much on this fight.

If Ricky is half the fighter he was, he'll stop Senchenko late on. He'll slip under the jab, work the body, and break his man down.

But, we dont know how Hatton will look. 3 1/2 years is a bloody long time to be out. I know it's been done before, but Ricky is getting older now. He looks 10 years older in the face than when Pacquiao sparked him out. Senchenko, despite his faults, has a pretty fast, accurate jab, that could really bother Hatton if his reflexes are shot. He has been training for this fight for a long time, but he has said that he trained too much for Pacquiao and he peaked too soon. This could have happened again.

I hope to god Hatton wins. Ive been listening to blue moon all day in work. But I am getting that horrible feeling inside that tells me Hatton could really be shot to shit (which, thinking about it, is the most likely outcome) and that he gets pulled out by his corner. I hope im wrong
I know what you're saying . But really cant wait till tomorrow night now! Keep looking at the card and its a great card

Why didnt I get a ticket againd?
I cant wait either mate. It's like christmas to me. And the card is top notch. I'm also questioning why I never got tickets :lol:

I went on the site and typed in 4 tickets but then thought wonder who the opponent will be? will the card be any good??

:lol: Probably.

Rabchenko's fight is at 6 apparently. Word is that they'll show it recorded if they have time in the schedule. Too much to ask for Crimetime to start broadcasting a little earlier of course..
I still think this card is worthy of £15, Didnt Sky Box office not start till 8! and show 2 fights!
Yeah it's not that bad. There have been far worse pay per view cards.
This is one of the better ones I can remember :good

Enjoy, I'm at the chinese, looking very anti social :lol:
It's not sad, he deserves it, lazy cunt doesn't deserve a boxing career anymore - frankly he's taking the piss coming back now, thinking he can just walk into the ring and be ok
BUt you thought he'd win :think
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