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Ricky Hatton vs Vyacheslav Senchenko: who wins?

  • Vyacheslav Senchenko (Decision)

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Ricky Hatton vs Vyacheslav Senchenko (24th Nov)

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Ricky Hatton vs Vyacheslav Senchenko
10 rounds Welterweight
24th November, 2012 - Manchester Arena, Manchester, United Kingdom

The Fight Card
Ricky Hatton v Vyacheslev Senchenko
Scott Quigg v Rendall Munroe
Martin Murray v TBA
Gary Buckland v Stephen Foster Jnr
Sergey Rabchenko v Cedric Vitu
Scott jenkins v TBA
Ryan Burnett v TBA
Adam Etches v TBA
James Dickins vTBA
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Hes fucking back isnt he....Fucking give him a chance....

Anticipation for the masses...

Do you know nothing whatsoever!

Exactly mate..He could say hes fighting Elvis at Graceland nobody would bat an eyelid!!!
Presser vid anyone, was busy wasnt I forgot it was at this time
Cheers Roe
Why in the world would he fight Witter? He been on a milk carton for while...
Is this true with Ray??? Ricky did have a mark over his eye.
Micky Katsidis has expressed interest in facing Hatton in Manchester in November....Source BBC.
Im happy with that...At least he is still relevant of sorts....Also a gauge for vs Mallignaggi up the road.

Was there a presser???
Cheers Roe....What channel mate?

Also any mention of what the fight will be on? Sky ITV Boxnation.

Hatton just been on Talksport.....Said if he cant beat the number 5 in the world there is no point in coming back...Only caught the back end of it so thats all I heard.
Ricky will stop him...Brit style stoppage IMO.

You can tell when someone is full of shit, well I can anyway. Ive met Ricky one time in Blackpool on a stag doo, hes sound as fuck and talks just like we all do and comes out with the same kind of shit. The lad has a son an a baby daughter, do any of you honestly think for one second he would even consider getting back in the ring if he felt he couldn't do something, and risk everything, his life included for the second time of asking???...The WW division is poor apart from the top boys and you all know it. And Senchenko is up there with the worst world champs I can think of, Paulie isnt far from that list either.....

Fuck sake boys, A 75% Hatton will walk through this lad I know it, more to the point, Ricky knows it, otherwise he would be fighting Dave Jones from where ever.
Yeah I heard someone say it was on the Sky planner on the virgin box for the 24th Nov????

If that makes any sense, second hand info!
Jus what I heard mucka, like I say second hand info.

You would think Sky would be up for it, if it goes well then you know thats a good excuse to bring their PPV back?
1 - 14 of 220 Posts
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