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Ring magazine p4p Rankings

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Obvious bias with Broner in there. Ring has become a joke, its now at the point whereby people regard the magazine, title and rankings as a joke. Cheers Oscar.
It annoys me that nobody counts Bradley's "win" over Pacquiao when doing their rankings. Yeah it was a bullshit decision but they don't mind having Helenius and Adamek highly ranked at heavyweight despite dodgy wins. Same with Cloud/Campillo and Rios/Abril before it.
You mean official rankings. I mean i dont count the pacquaio win but i never rank anyone higher based on a robbery so itll be consistent throughout.

Ring was always destined to go to shit as soon as oscar bought it. I mean having a promoter in control of the media will always do that. There should be laws against it tbh.
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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