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Rios and Arreola both pull out of their fights due to injury

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Rios with a shoulder/arm injury, Arreola not confirmed why yet:|
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It was an interesting turn of events at the buffet line. Brandon Rios was getting his tacos, and when he turned around, Chris Arreola was standing right behind him. His eyeballs were bulging out. Brandon Rios went "What are you doing, bro!" Chris Arreola yelled like a caveman "TACO SAUCE!" because you see, taco sauce was on Rios' shoulder. So, Arreola opened wide and took a chomp out of Rios' shoulder. By doing that, Arreola hurt his jaw, and Rios, let out a yell "AAAYAYAYAYYAYAAAA!!"

Thus concludes the first episode of fat boxers standing at the buffet line. Tune in next time to see the OG of boxers-getting-fat-during-their-careers, Jake LaMotta, give his opinion on the fat boxers of today, and why they are more successful now than ever before.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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