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The biggest problem is, Alvarado just couldn't hurt Rios enough to do the damage. Rios hurt Alvarado badly enough to do the damage. I don't know if anything else can change, maybe Alvarado could be a bit more safety first and go for the points win, but I don't see much changing as the fight goes on, it'll just be a war of attrition which suits Rios just that bit more.

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Make no mistake Alvarado can win this fight. Give Rios a little more movement after landing is key; "punch, bounce, to the right" was what his trainer wanted but he didn't do it.

Alvarado will lose again if he decides to go toe to toe again. He should engage then move in the first fight he didn't move and seemed to almost wait for a response!

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:lol: The Marquez impression is pretty solid.

The Broner one is brilliant :lol:

And the Pacquiao one. Rios is a funny guy. The title of that video doesn't do it justice he does more than just those two.

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Preview - Rios-Alvarado II: 'It is never too soon'

ESPN Stats & Information

Tale of the tape: Rios-Alvarado II

Rios Alvarado
Age 26 32
Height 5'8" 5'9"
Reach 68" 69½"
Stance Orthodox Orthodox

LAS VEGAS -- The final news conference before any fight almost always features the boxers and promoter hyping the impending match to the hilt. They'll talk about how fans shouldn't miss it because it will be a great fight, blah, blah, blah.

But when junior welterweights Brandon "Bam Bam" Rios and Mike Alvarado, and Top Rank promoter Bob Arum had the chance to speak at Thursday's final news conference, there was very little any of them had to say in order to sell their rematch. Hype wasn't needed.

"Everybody has seen these two warriors fight," Arum said. "The fight that they had last year at the Home Depot [Center in Carson, Calif.] was an instant classic, right up there as a fight of the year candidate. Many people voted it fight of the year. It was just edged out by the [Juan Manuel] Marquez-[Manny] Pacquiao fight. But it was a great, great fight and everybody who watched it was thrilled and inspired by the performance of these two warriors."

Arum was not overstating matters.

In October, former lightweight titleholder Rios stopped Alvarado on his feet in the seventh round of a thrilling back-and-forth slugfest -- two judges had the fight 57-57 and Rios led 58-56 on the third scorecard at the time of the knockout -- that was reminiscent of some of the great fights of recent years, such as Diego Corrales-Jose Luis Castillo, Arturo Gatti-Micky Ward and Israel Vazquez-Rafael Marquez, showdowns that all produced sequels.

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He made the weight 2nd attempt I think.

Rios looks so different at weigh-ins compared to how he looks normally, didn't recognise him the first times when I saw pictures. Alvarado looks pretty drained in that pic too. Pair of skag heads looking for a fix, trying to sell an ornament for cash.
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