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RIP Emanuel Steward

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I'm just hearing that he has passed away

Richard Towers, who is in Wlad's camp, just put it on twitter as well.

RIP to a legend of the game!
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Fuck me, terrible news.

Hoping its some sick prank but its looking legit from all the sources its coming from.

God knows. It wont let me see that link Baj so I guess I'll just wait for a news source to confirm or deny. Hoping it is fake but if not then RIP.
I'm inclined to think he is still alive, but may not be for long. I think if he had passed then there would be a swift statement from his family as they know the man is cherished in the boxing world and that many people will want to pay there respects. I'm guessing someone has been told he hasn't got long to go and word has spread that he has actually gone.

Sad state of affairs but people should try and leave it alone until the family issue a statement. If he is still fighting on then they will probably be at the hospital (or wherever he is) and the last thing they would want is a load of people trying to pull out info.
1 - 5 of 81 Posts
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