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RIP Emanuel Steward

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I'm just hearing that he has passed away

Richard Towers, who is in Wlad's camp, just put it on twitter as well.

RIP to a legend of the game!
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At this stage Lampley will be doing a moving piece to camera about his dead friend while Emanuel Steward looks on from the other side of the ring with this look on his face

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wat a shitstorm of misinformation this whole situation has turned into, terrible, manny deserves better than this
it's shocking that boxers and co are putting messages around what may not be true..
I just heard this, RIP brother!!!!!!!
We're not sure yet dude...
We're not sure yet dude...
schitt, i read on few sites he was dead, just had google, apparently his family are gathering around him or something... hope hes pulls thru
What perplexes me is that the contradictory reports or sources are coming from people your average fan would perceive to be close enough to Steward to know definitively e.g.Andy Lee, Steward's sister, Johnathon Banks, the Klitschkos and Jim Lampley

I can't help but feel a man of Emanuel Steward's standing deserves/deserved better.
Very sad, his sister just confirmed it. check the scene
On the BBC now and Bunce confirmed it on his radio show.

What a shit day. RIP
With The confusion earlier he was still alive, he died at 21:13 (I think that's what I read)
Shit didn't read the second page.

R.I.P. Legendary trainer, one of the best ever. Too soon for him to go.
I genuinely have a tear in my eye. I've been praying all day that this has been a sick rumour

RIP to a legend!
That was a massively ridiculous circle jerk, the whole thing. Poor Manny. RIP, mate. A class act.
With The confusion earlier he was still alive, he died at 21:13 (I think that's what I read)
Very sad to hear it confirmed.

RIP to the biggest legend in the history of boxing trainers, you will never be forgotten Manny.
skysport news did a little thing on him last night, few hours after 'ringside'

there also seems to be some 'secrecy' over what he actually died of

rip anyways, true legend, one of the last of the oldskool...
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