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RIP*****Teofilo Stevenson

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Legendary Cuban Teofilo Stevenson has died, it has been announced. He was 60 and had suffered a heart attack.

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fuckinghell, a bit young to be leaving us


A legend.
Anyone fancy doing a write up on him for the main page?

I'll do it if nobody else is all in for it like.
This isn't me exaggerating because he's passed away, but he would tear through the heavyweights of this era, that's not to say he would tear through Wlad and Vitali, Wlad and Vitali are quality, but the current crop in general, he'd embarrass them.
That's much love for the man but it ain't saying much either is it? Shittest heavyweight era ever.
yeah, just wanted to big him up like,
That's the way I see it. Guys like Pulev and Povetkin made a fairly comfortable switch into the pro's from the amateurs (off the top of my head)

Stevenson's amateur era>>>This.

Ergo, he'd be pretty well prepared to turn over against this basic crop.

Against the cream of it? Not IMO.

But Arreola? Dimitrienko? Tyson Fury? He'd smash 'em IMO, going on the aesthetic qualities of his style and that his opponents displayed.

Thing is, Stevenson was nearly always the bigger man back then (height wise) be interesting to see him in with the taller guys. I'm not sure the heavier contenders are any better for it, so I'd pick him to spark the flabby ones as well.

Fact is the Olympians of many era's before often jumped in at the deep end and survived. I'd expect Stevenson to do as well as a 'Skeeter' McClure if he took on a fast track schedule. He was better than Rademacher, but when people wanted Stevenson to go over there wasn't a Floyd Patterson at the helm (not a slight on Floyd, I'm a massive fan but Rademacher wouldn't likely sit many heavyweight champs on their arse) so I'd say even to be competitive to that degree is hard to fathom.

Steadily stepping it up in 8-10 fights, as Leon Spinks did? If he did it in that timeframe, there's more chance, after '80 or '84, I can't pick him with any great conviction against the many talented contenders of Holmes' era, and no doubt Stevenson would be offered to Tyson as a great name and demolished.

I'm rambling (what a surprise) but what I'm saying is, he could have been successful, but not in the years he actually competed in :good
haha, you're not rambling lad. Also, yeah, that's a fair assessment. I don't think it's outrageous to speculate on what kind of a pro he could have been though in terms of maybe going beyond what your assessment has limited him to. I don't know like, I'm not saying he would be the best of his era, I think he'd be a quality addition though to say the least. I never thought he was solely about dimensions, which to me is always secondary to ability, it's way I have no gripes claiming that Frazier would stop Wlad (fuck off luf).

But yeah, good post. I'm rambling myself here.
BOLD Agree, and thought about that originally. Going off a stereotypical 'seasoned amateur' progression seemed easier to speculate on, less variables if that makes sense :good
LINED Again, agree 100% No reason to think he couldn't get up there, John Tate did (albeit briefly before falling down) ;)
I'm sure this is a good post Flea, but either I'm a spastic or there are no lined parts that you quoted:lol:
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