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Robert Stieglitz vs Arthur Abraham: who wins?

  • Robert Stieglitz (KO)

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Robert Stieglitz vs Arthur Abraham

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Finally some decent boxing is back! This Saturday the battle of Germany takes place.

Any thoughts on this one? Arthur's been pretty average for a while now, wouldn't be all that surprised if Stieglitz just outworked him.

Odds are about 2/7 for AA and 11/4 for RS.
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The battle of Germany between an Armenian and a Russian. If it goes to a close decision, who gets the nod. The boxer who's country of origin is closest to Germany, maybe?
:lol: Well yeah.
Yeah definitely worth a watch. I'd probably put it on mute though unless you'd like to hear about Andradddididididididde and WHY. THIS. FIGHT. IS. ANYONE'S.
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