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Robert Stieglitz vs Arthur Abraham: who wins?

  • Robert Stieglitz (KO)

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Robert Stieglitz vs Arthur Abraham

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Finally some decent boxing is back! This Saturday the battle of Germany takes place.

Any thoughts on this one? Arthur's been pretty average for a while now, wouldn't be all that surprised if Stieglitz just outworked him.

Odds are about 2/7 for AA and 11/4 for RS.
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The battle of Germany between an Armenian and a Russian. If it goes to a close decision, who gets the nod. The boxer who's country of origin is closest to Germany, maybe?

But yeah, im gonna go with a Stieglitz decision, but I wouldn't be surprised if the fight went Abraham's way. Stieglitz is going to need to bag as many of the early rounds as possible, while avoiding Abraham's power shots in the last 30 seconds of round stealing he so often attempts. Arthur is inevitably going to come on strong here after a slow start in the last third of the fight, and Stieglitz will have to be on his game defensively, because I think one shot can end his night. I think the Russian will survive the last couple of rounds and nick a clear competitive decision. Should be a really good fight
Im surprised so many of you are favouring Abraham here, what gives?
Steig being super shit I suppose :lol:

His defence is crap, and Abe will find a way through
He aint though, IMO.

Abe has looked nothing but mediocre during his 168 career, i dont believe hes nearly as explosive as he was back in his 160 pound days either. Im backing the stig anyways :yep
All 2 of us?:yep
I've already touched on it. Stieglitz makes for entertaining matches but the dude fights with his opponents glove on his jaw. Abraham packs a lot bigger bang than Stieglitz previous foes. I just don't think Stieglitz has the speed, height, jab, footwork and everything else to stay out of harms way for too long. I think it'll a fun fight though.
Im seeing it on a lot of the forums mate, seems to me Arthur is the sizable favorite. But fair enough, we'll see :yep
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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