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Robert Stieglitz vs Arthur Abraham: who wins?

  • Robert Stieglitz (KO)

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Robert Stieglitz vs Arthur Abraham

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Finally some decent boxing is back! This Saturday the battle of Germany takes place.

Any thoughts on this one? Arthur's been pretty average for a while now, wouldn't be all that surprised if Stieglitz just outworked him.

Odds are about 2/7 for AA and 11/4 for RS.
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Stieglitz will have to be on his game defensively
There is a first time for everything I suppose:yep

I think AA is going to KO him late
Im surprised so many of you are favouring Abraham here, what gives?
All 2 of us?:yep
I've already touched on it. Stieglitz makes for entertaining matches but the dude fights with his opponents glove on his jaw. Abraham packs a lot bigger bang than Stieglitz previous foes (even at this weight). I just don't think Stieglitz has the speed, height, jab, footwork and everything else to stay out of harms way for too long. I think it'll a fun fight though.
Im seeing it on a lot of the forums mate, seems to me Arthur is the sizable favorite. But fair enough, we'll see :yep
Stieglitz at 5/2 if you fancy a flutter bud!

I mean AA took a beating from Dirrell and Froch but both were taller guys and were very good at keeping him at arms length. I just can't see Stieglitz doing that. He's getting his chin tested thats for sure. Maybe it'll hold, maybe not but it's going to be fun finding out:hey
Stieglitz in defeat takes kudos. From the 1st AA, was getting home and he still kept working. Great fight.
Not seen it yet, worth a watch a bit later?
Pity you know the result now. When AA started getting through in the first round (yes AA took the first!) I thought there is no way this is going the distance. Stieglitz is a maniac. He just kept attacking Arthur all while getting hit by AA's best punches. Very competitive fight.

Oh and be prepared for some truly horrendous commentating by the Boxnation team:ughh
Pity it wasn't on SKY. Watt would have broke his record for saying "Bang on the Chen":yep
1 - 6 of 30 Posts
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