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Roger Mayweather training 8 year old boxing prodigy *video*

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And the kid is apparently Filipino haha Hes got the Floyd hands in defense to...

This is him at 5 or 6 years old!!!

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Even the kid thinks ES is annoying as fuck. Can't he just... talk normally?
haha yeah he just walks off like this dude is wasteman...
Looks like Floyds got another prodigy 'Cashflow' lol

WTF these kids getting as bad as grown men lmao check this trash talking all between Cash Flow and another boxing prodigy 'Toquez'

ES - Toquez you got A message for Pacquaio?

Toquez - Stop taking drugs

Pretty Boy Bam Bam would weigh in all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hes got quickest hands Ive ever seen...

On 'Ellen' show

Wonder how Hes geting on now...
It's depressing to see 6 year old kids with more co-ordination than I'll ever muster haha
lol years of smoking weed havnt helped my co-ordination...
1 - 5 of 7 Posts
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