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Ronnie Heffron vs Peter McDonagh II

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How did everyone score this?

I was shot down on twitter for having this a clear Heffron win. I scored the fight 6-2, although Ronnie should of had a point deducted for low blows. It was an entertaining fight, which, to me, had Heffron working the body well winning the early rounds, before Peter came back when Ronnie tired. For the life of me I can't see the 77-76 card the ref handed in.

I was say next to Ronnie's parents, but I would like to say that they didn't influence my scoring. Or did they?
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it was one of those fights you could have had heffron by a lot or by 1 round, didnt do anything to distinguish himself in any of the rounds tbh, i thought he edged the fight but scoring could vary as a lot of the rounds were close
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