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Chagaev vs Perez

Ruslan Chagaev vs Mike Perez Off

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Former world champion Ruslan Chagaev will tackle Prizefighter winner Mike Perez on December 1 in a heavyweight battle that could lead to a world title shot for the victor.

Chagaev, 34, has won three fights in a row since missing out to Alexander Povetkin on a second reign as world title holder and may get a rematch with the Russian if he can overcome the Ireland-based Cuban.

27 year-old Perez on the other hand, is stepping up class considerably after amassing an impressive 18-0 record, which includes a bulldozing Prizefighter - The Internationals tournament win in May 2011.

The clash with take place at the Burg-Waechter Castello in Düsseldorf in a bill that is still in it's infancy and features German light-middleweight contender Maurice Weber and ex-women's world champion Susi Kentikian.
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