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Saving the Kronk name

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I have always thought the the image of Kronk fighters could become a brand.

I was hoping the Kronk could have become a major promotional outfit with shows around the world and gyms filled with boxers decked out in the famous Kronk colours

This would be an appropriate legacy to Manny. Edit - I note the gym is being closed down and therefore Kronk the World Wide Brand should be his lasting legacy

I would love to see Wlad decked out in Kronk trunks for his next defence as a one off tribute I have always thought the the image of Kronk fighters could become a brand.
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Doing what? Wearing Kronk style shorts?

From a cynical viewpoint Wlad should pay to keep it open as a tribute, he'd get major kudos from the US. Actually he should do this anyway IMO
Why exactly? He doesn't owe Steward anything - he paid him to be his trainer.
To improve his reputation in the US.

I'm aware he paid him to be his trainer. Are you suggesting that they only had a professional relationship? That they weren't friends? The Klitschko statement alone suggested that it was more than professional. My point is that he wouldn't really miss the money, it'd carry on a legacy and it would up his US stock. I'm seeing it in kind of the way people said Abramovich should help the odd lower league club.

Are you being condescending intentionally? Or am I reading it wrong?
It wasn't intended to be condescending, it was a genuine question. You could ask why Hearns, or Lewis, or Cotto haven't put the money up. All had strong relationships with Steward (even though Miguel's was very short-lived professionally).

I'm sure Wlad had a good relationship with Manny, but it never seemed to be more than work-for-hire.

Although I see your point about kudos in the US, but I don't think Wlad really cares about that at this stage in his career.
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