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Schaefer had been negotiating with promoter Frank Warren to match Broner with Scotland's Burns, but Schaefer said they asked for more than $1 million, which was way off what was budgeted for the fight.

"Gavin Rees was one of the fighters on the short list of approved opponents by HBO," Schaefer said. "I guess he wanted the fight more since Ricky Burns outpriced himself. I can understand that a fighter would want a career-high payday when fighting Adrien, but when a fighter asks for three or four times his highest payday and wants payment tax-free, then it is simply a way of saying, 'No, I don't want to fight Broner.'


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Either way BB, you should never take one side as being "gospel" eh? People seem to believe who they want to believe most of the time.
I just believe Fast Eddie, like a right wing American believes pro-gun propaganda ;)

I'd not know who to call a lying twat first out of Schaefer and Allegedly. Probably Schaefer, I'd not end up in court for being a motormouth.
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