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Schaefer: Khan-Broner a serious possibilty

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WBC lightweight champion Adrien Broner's decision to move up to welterweight has opened up a possible bout with Amir Khan, Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer has hinted.

Undefeated Broner will move up two weight classes to face WBA welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi at 147lbs on June 22 in New York, Golden Boy announced on Thursday.

With Khan tied up in a bout with Julio Diaz, and other top light-welterweights such as Zab Judah and Lamont Peterson also involved in upcoming fights, Broner made the decision to rise to the welterweight class.
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...stops him from repeatedly smashing his face in by quitting on his stool?
Nah your dreaming.

Khans defence is awful, and he can't stick to a gameplan, Broner would sucker him in and knock him out with solid, accurate counters.
Khan has the advantage in movement here, in that he actually has the ability to, plus he has quicker hands, I would actually favour Amir here, he should really push for this rather than waiting for Matthysse
Khan is better at running aimlessly around the ring yes.

Handspeed, i'll grant you that but he's nowhere near as effective with what he has, rather he just throws barrages with zero accuracy.
Khan's defence relies solely on using quick feet to get in and out or to move around the ring, Broner has next to zero movement of foot, if there's on fighter Khan's "defence" would actually be a benefit against it's Broner. Khan UD12 in Calzaghe-Lacy style imo. Unless teaming up with Hunter is all a big ploy to get him to rely on an inside game that will never work as he's not strong and has a glass jaw in order to sacrifice him to Broner of course

I mean seriously.

Khan has never Lacy'd anyone and Broner is the more skilled fighter here.

If I see DRAMATIC improvements in Khan on saturday night, then i'll reconsider my stance, I don't hate the guy
He's better at movement full stop, including but not limited to running round the ring :lol: He wont have to be accurate, people act like he hasnt been at world level, his physical gift of blistering speed and amateur in-out with combos style may be basic, but it works against certain fighters very well, Broner's style would not suit imo, styles make fights and if I was Khan I would push for this big time
Yeah, fighters that don't punch with him when he stops running for a few seconds and throws. That's not Broner.

If a stationary, slow Danny Garcia can spark Khan out, then Broner certainly can.
I'll admit the risk reward is good for Khan, maybe he should take it.

I'm not writing him off completley, but I think he seriously needs 3-4 "easy" fights under hunter before going into a fight like that.
Khans problem is he has speed and nothing else

He never developed an all round game to go with it, if he did he'd be a fantastic fighter.
Agree 100%

Broner is just better than Khan, simple.

Amir is going to have to be managed VERY carefully from here on in, if he is going to win more titles etc.

He's gone from a guy who can be taken out by the elite or big punchers, to a guy who can be taken out by anybody, at any time. Safe fights don't exist for Khan anymore.
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Does anyone think Khan's punch resistance has gone? (serious) I mean obviously never great, but he took some big heavy shots against Garcia, and didn't look at all solid against Diaz
I do, he was getting hurt by everything Diaz landed basically, and Diaz isn't a huge puncher.

In the past Khan has taken decent shots from Lamont, Kotelnik and even Maidana at times, and been ok.

I think the little resistance he did have, is gone. Honestly he looked to me like a shot fighter, and I know he's only 26, but it happens.
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