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Schaefer: Khan-Broner a serious possibilty

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WBC lightweight champion Adrien Broner's decision to move up to welterweight has opened up a possible bout with Amir Khan, Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer has hinted.

Undefeated Broner will move up two weight classes to face WBA welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi at 147lbs on June 22 in New York, Golden Boy announced on Thursday.

With Khan tied up in a bout with Julio Diaz, and other top light-welterweights such as Zab Judah and Lamont Peterson also involved in upcoming fights, Broner made the decision to rise to the welterweight class.
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You don't need to be a big puncher to knock Khan out of his stride. Khan-Broner would lead to Amir's third loss, probably inside distance if you ask me. I realize that no one did, but I've said it now. I sort of like Khan, but he just isn't as good as he thinks he is, and is not good enough to trouble Broner. Khan would look flashily fast for a round or two, then Broner would make the necessary adjustments then make Khan look profoundly ordinary before stopping him.
Khans problem is he has speed and nothing else

He never developed an all round game to go with it, if he did he'd be a fantastic fighter.
Quite. In any other sport, only being good at one, relatively narrow aspect of the sport would prevent someone from getting to the top. Somehow in boxing, some guys get to sell themselves as more all-round capable than they are, and seem to believe it as much as the fans. Audley's only really any good at training and selling a fight, as a pro, he's pretty bad at some fundamental aspects of pro boxing, yet keeps staying around the top domestic level based on little supporting evidence. Khan's speed is amazing - to my eye, nothing else he brings is anywhere near as impressive. He has been a pro for enough years now, and around enough different gyms, trainers, influences etc, that I think if he were going to become a great, rounded fighter he'd have done it by now. If we have an aptitude for something, then dedicate years of our life to that same thing, we're supposed to improve. Khan doesn't, he just keep reminding us where his level is.
Khan is fragile and anyone can knock him out, but not everyone does. If he picked fights on the basis of whether there was a good chance of being knocked out, he wouldn't fight. If I was him I'd love to fight a fighter like Broner who basically can't move. Sure he could be timed and stopped, but I'd rather take the gamble and go in against Broner where a win actually makes me "pound for pound" (according to The Ring), than wait for my shot at Matthysse where a knockout is the closest thing to a certainty in this universe.
I agree with you (well, apart from the Broner can't move part!), but I just think Khan needs to go for a softer option than both Matthysse OR Broner.
It's like his feet are set in the ring! :lol: ;)

Well if he does that then I would assume his aspirations have settled down. Beating Broner would make him a bona fide star and get him a shot at Floyd for incredible money, and is doable in my opinion. Sure, he could be timed and stopped but it's always a risk, he has to take the gamble and just try and use his speed of hand and foot to just rack up points and avoid any type of fight. Matthysse is not a gamble, the result is a sure thing, if bookies are taking money on a Matthysse stoppage there, even at 1/100 on, it's a licence to print money :lol:
Just to be clear, I agree with you on Broner's movement up until now, I just think he could move more if he needed to. He has fought that way so far as he thinks it looks more impressive and dominant, he's fighting to a level. He hasn't messed with it yet as he has not needed to. If I were Khan I'd steer clear, as losing won't get him the Floyd fight, and he doesn't need another loss, he's not a kid any more. But I see what you're saying, absolutely.

And yes, I'd mortgage my house if he got in with Mathysse!
So I see it more as 'Broner doesn't move' than 'Broner can't move'.
Broner should've probably started moving his feet while he was getting beaten by Ponce and Quintero.
Lol he was just keeping something back for later, make the whole event more exciting for everyone!
Khan would get stopped, top line sport is about levels and Khan's is not the top level. He's had long enough, now, plenty long enough - we can talk all we like about corrections, mistakes, trainer availability, all of that, but if you're not quite good enough to beat the best, in any area of life, then you're just not quite good enough, simple truth. I like Khan well enough, he's an exciting fighter and can win more titles, but there are always going to be a few guys out there who are just too good for him. Broner will time him and take him out.
He's no more or less likely to win imo, he's still got a bad chin and still has great handspeed, i still think risk reward is in his favour, still take this and hope he can touch and run his way to a points win
I don't agree on risk-reward - a fourth loss would be pretty bad for Khan's career, particularly as many see Broner as hyped, not having fought top, big guys, and not necessarily the new Mayweather some claim. If Amir wins, all the same criticisms of Broner (which will be reinforced if he loses to Khan and his flaws) cheapen the achievement.
ye true, but a fourth loss will come, does he want it to come against a Diaz type opponent or for big money against Broner where a win will, rightly or wrongly, put him amongst pound-for-pound names and a shot at Mayweather will come. It's that or he gets sacrificed to Matthysse, which is criminal
It will come, yes, but Broner isn't far enough above Diaz in enough people's eyes to make it worth it, imho. Broner might yet come unstuck at a higher level. He needs someone proven to have come through tough wars to show that he can mix it in that sort of fight. I don't think we've seen the last year where Khan fights twice and loses them both, to be honest.
Does anyone think Khan's punch resistance has gone? (serious) I mean obviously never great, but he took some big heavy shots against Garcia, and didn't look at all solid against Diaz
Yes, I do. He looked there for the taking at times. I was worried about Khan's own cumulative power, too, tbh - Diaz has been stopped five times in the past, yet was barely troubled by the vast majority of what Khan threw. I was just very disappointed in Khan, I think we have already seen his best.
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