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Selcuk Aydin vs the 147 contenders

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I was pretty impressed with him on Saturday night, even tho i thought he lost. His come forward aggression makes for great viewing. Big Al summed him up perfectly: 'he isn't a good technician, but the boy is as tough as nails!' So, how does he do against the other contenders in the division

1- Andre Berto

2- Victor Ortiz

3- Devon Alexander

4- Kell Brook

5- Josesito Lopez

And I'll add in Paulie Malignaggi as well.

Can his pressure get to those guys for late KO wins? All of them have been badly hurt before. Or does his lack of technique cost him?
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I have to say I enjoyed watching him, he clearly lost the fight but as you say he landed some good clean punches and defensively took a lot of shots on his gloves. By the 10th round I actually found myself cheering for him to get the KO as Guerrero began to fade. Against some of the other less mobile opposition at welterweight I could see his strength and relentless style being to much for them. If he can get them stand and fight him he has a chance with them all.

I would give him a good chance against Ortiz because he's not the hardest to hit and can be easily dragged into a war.

If Maidana stays at welterweight, now thats a fight I want to see.
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