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Serious question, break down Vitali vs Fury............

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Say Vitali picked up the phone and the fight was made for July

Putting aside all hatred and personal feelings, how does Current Vitali vs Fury go in your mind?

Personally I think Fury at least lasts 12, an possibly even takes a decision.

Vitali is used to being the taller, longer guy in the ring, against Fury it would be a shock to the system for a guy that hasn't fought an opponent his own size in a long time. I believe Fury has superior hand-speed, considering Vitali likes to lean back to avoid punches (usually from guys who can't reach that far) I could see Fury catching him with that long jab. We also know Fury copes quite well on the inside, he's good at tying up opponents and would lean onto Vitali, tiring the older man out.

I know i'll probably get called a muppet and that Fury would get sparked, but visualising it in my head, I just see Fury able to beat Vitali to the punch.
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I can't see anything other than a Vitali stoppage at the moment. Fury hasn't faced an opponent of Vitali's size and nowhere near someone of his experience/ability.

I agree with how you feel Fury would go about the fight - leading off, jabbing and moving, tying up on the inside etc. I just think initial success would be tempered by Vitali landing some hard jabs and right croses (I don't see Fury being able to elude punches all that well), his confidence would drain, he would back off and Vitali would assume control. Leading off in centre ring and pushing him back against the ropes - eventually getting a stoppage

I'm not an expert fight-dissecter but this is just how I visualise it going...
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