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Hey guys, you'll see quite a few changes to the forum layouts etc. (let me know if something doesn't work).

I've also made some functionality amendments to the forums.

  • Arcade (not fully finished, and needs to be added to all styles - currently visible in forum default)
  • Auto Media Embedding
  • vBookie - @Bajingo is in charge of that - so please tag him with all vbookie issues.
  • Advanced New Posts - see top left, below "Home" - you can see a modified listings of new posts compared to last visit
  • Advanced forum statistics - scroll to bottom of index, some info of the forum, might be interesting/useful for people to check it out.
  • PM System Enhancements - below the "Forum" on the top left - you'll see a drop down for private messages, which allows faster access to inbox/sent box etc compared to vb default.
  • Jump to my last post - if you click on a forum, and look at the different threads, there's a little triangle bottom right of the "Name" part of the thread, which allows you to jump to your last post. Very useful to continue reading from an older position (fast growing threads will benefit from this)
  • Check if Already Posted - every time you make a new thread, there's an option to check if a similar thread has already been posted - which should help to reduce duplicate threads when we can add value to an existing one.
  • Registration - I've now added the facility to invite friends via email, and on registration, you'll need to answer one of two simple boxing questions.

Have fun guys - remember to let me know if there are any issues, or if you want any other features etc.
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