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Shane Mosley and Winky Wright retire

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Fantastic news, he went out on his shield against Alvarez so he can be proud of that, especially after being so disappointing and out of character against Pacquiao. Enjoy your retirement Shane!

Winky also retired after losing on Saturday. He should also be proud of a great career.
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I'm glad they've retired, I hope it all goes well for them and they aren't tempted to come back. Both of these fighters would fight absolutely anyone. I'll always remember how Shane Mosley said (aimed at Floyd Mayweather)- 'I fought the Winky Wrights, I fought the Vernon Forrests, I have no regrets'. Shane Mosley was tremendously good for our sport. Winky Wright was one of the best 154 pounders of all time.
Glad to see that. I hope he sticks to it.

"Shane Mosley, I love you!"
what a fucking left hook at the end
If someone wants to do a decent write up on Mosley and Winky retiring, I'll promote it to the main page :good
I'll do it
Roe, give me the go ahead and I'll get it done today lad
Sound, I'm like Shane Mosley and Winky Wright so I can't back down now.
Roe, I've written it, it's massive mate, can I email you it or pm you it?
roe, stop messing with my hussle man, I'll email you bro
I emailed you broner
nice one laz
ok sound, how do i promote it as an article then mate?
its too fucking big man, its a pain in the ass breaking it up and all that, and when i copy and paste it into here it goes all compressed and shits up the layout, tell roe to pull his finger out and post it before i bum him
yay, thanks mate, I always used to wanna write them for esb but it was such a shit hole full of clowns that it would be writing wasted on proper nobs, the general forum for example can eat my dick, anyway, it was a bit rough because I wrote it mad quick but I felt it got a bit better as it went on like, I'll do more defo, I just like writing and at least this is a good place to have good people reading it
deal indeed

I love some of the pics you found of Shane and Winky together, that's great to see my shit up there like that with pics! Thanks Roe.

My articles will always be from a fans perspective, cos that's all I am, fuck boxing politics.
1 - 13 of 27 Posts
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