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Shane Mosley and Winky Wright retire

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Fantastic news, he went out on his shield against Alvarez so he can be proud of that, especially after being so disappointing and out of character against Pacquiao. Enjoy your retirement Shane!

Winky also retired after losing on Saturday. He should also be proud of a great career.
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If someone wants to do a decent write up on Mosley and Winky retiring, I'll promote it to the main page :good
Roe, give me the go ahead and I'll get it done today lad
Just do it as a post on here Teets and I can promote it to the front page :good

:rofl at your avatar
Can't you just do a post on here, or is it too long? If you do that, the main page will just link it from here and you'll get the credit for it.

But if not, yeah just pm or email me it (roejowland at hotmail co uk) and I'll put it up. :good
Fucking hell that's a beast of an article teets :lol

I'l get it put up in a min :good
It's up man :good

Sorry for the delay, was eating and adding pictures and shit to it.
It's a really good piece mate. A proper fan's perspective.

The ESB main page articles are nearly all terrible. This place will be different :deal
1 - 6 of 27 Posts
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