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ShoBox Dimitry Bivol whooped Samuel Clarkson's ass

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Apparently this is for the Interim WBA Light Heavyweight Title

Fight just underway....
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Unfortunately I missed this but I've been big on Bivol for awhile now. Definitely needs a true step up in competition his next fight but I don't have much doubts about his abilities.
Now 10-0 8 KOs. 26 years of age and I don't know how he has even and "Interim" world title. Given who is at the top of the division their is no need to rush him. Let him hold that belt, get his name out there more and make some money...
I know, I didn't mean rush, but would like to see him in there with someone who has some sort of name. Nothing too crazy but a respectable jump in opposition.
Well, they were saying that Cleverley could be his next fight. That level of fighter would fit the bill for a while for him...
Saw something about that. Definitely on board for a fight like that.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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