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Should consensus scoring be used?

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This is where if two judges score a round to a particular fighter they get the round, if the judges have it Judge 1: Fighter A, Judge 2:Fighter B and Judge 3: Draw then the round would be 10-10 and so on.

For example consensus scoring would have had Chilemba beating Bellew 116:114 and it would have also had Crolla-Mathews a 115-115 draw, both fair scores in my opinion. Should this system be rolled out to mitigate poor judging when some judges hand in almost random scorecards?

If anyone can work out what result consensus scoring would have given in controversial fights stick them in here so we can see if it really works :lol:
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just needs decent judges!

Use the 'yes or no' system. 4 yes's is a UD, 3 and a no is majority, 2's each is split with the winner decided by however they do it on these crappy talent shows. If all 4 judges buzz in because they're bored of a fighter (Mayweather, Klitschko etc) then it gets stopped immediately.

Replace Jim Gray and Max Kellerman with Ant and Dec for the post-fight interviews and it's sorted.

If people want boxing on terrestrial tv again..
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Says one of three people in the whole world who scored it for bradley
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