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Should consensus scoring be used?

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This is where if two judges score a round to a particular fighter they get the round, if the judges have it Judge 1: Fighter A, Judge 2:Fighter B and Judge 3: Draw then the round would be 10-10 and so on.

For example consensus scoring would have had Chilemba beating Bellew 116:114 and it would have also had Crolla-Mathews a 115-115 draw, both fair scores in my opinion. Should this system be rolled out to mitigate poor judging when some judges hand in almost random scorecards?

If anyone can work out what result consensus scoring would have given in controversial fights stick them in here so we can see if it really works :lol:
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Kessler 116:112 Froch
JMM 113:112 Pacman (First bout)
Bradley 114:113 Provodnikov
Cheers @Havik, just what I was after! Interesting read that, looks like this system we've got is alright, just needs decent judges!

Use the 'yes or no' system. 4 yes's is a UD, 3 and a no is majority, 2's each is split with the winner decided by however they do it on these crappy talent shows. If all 4 judges buzz in because they're bored of a fighter (Mayweather, Klitschko etc) then it gets stopped immediately.

Replace Jim Gray and Max Kellerman with Ant and Dec for the post-fight interviews and it's sorted.

If people want boxing on terrestrial tv again..
Please stop with bad / corrupt judging for this fight, Pacman lost fair & square. 115-113 for Bradley
I have to disagree with this, i saw a poll (may have been Boxing News?) where over 90% had Pacquiao winning, i dont see how that can be a win for Bradley
This issue is that 10% or less had Bradley winning or maybe a draw & 2 judges who have the all important vote agreed with this minority. We've debated this before Jamie , but as i've said in response to Bryn, the fight was a lot closer than a lot of people make out. Some were calling it the worst decision ever, give me a break. If peep's have Pacman by a slim margin, then I've no argument but not by 10 points. It annoys me that they are seen as incompetent because decision was against a general consensus, whereas the incompetent elements for me are the wide scores than some have put out.
But the thing with boxing is the winner is decided by majority opinion effectively. The phrase that the fight is a lot closer than people think is ind of null and void, the fight is as close as people judge it to be, if they dont judge it to be close then it isnt if you get what I mean?

Having said that I respect your opinion on boxing as you are knowledgeable and have no doubt you scored the fight competently and I'm sure your score was an accurate one, just one of a different opinion to mine :good
What gets me about scoring is that if 75% or over score it to one fighter, then that is the way it should be scored, i respect people's opinions to have scores differently, but boxing is a sport where it's down to majority judgement to decide who won. If 80% of people score a fight a certain way that should be regarded as right. If that made any sense
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