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Should Lomachenko try and fight for a 'world' title on his pro debut?

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@dkos Fuck you. I thought we were mates.
Lomachenko should go to 130lbs and get merc'd by Jomthong.
:lol: I don't think Saensak has too much to worry about just yet.

I just think Lomachenko picking up some sort of strap in his debut would turn him into a star instantly. It would be massive news.
Yeah I knew what you meant, but it would be heartbreaking for me.

I'm not sure its even possible. Even a voluntary defence has to be a top 15 and if the opponent isn't they're generally bumped up the rankings after the fight is made. I'd suggest it'd be impossible for a guy with no fights to gain a ranking but this is the WBC/WBA/WBO/IBF we're talking about...
Rademacher got a shot at the real World title in his debut with only one gold medal to his name. And as you say, with these org's anything is possible.
He struggled against Bashenov. Although he won widely, he didn't look as devastatingly good as he did against Valentino. He seemed to get caught plenty downstairs and was hit more often than he usually does. Still, though, I can't complain. Bashenov is no slouch and Lomachenko dominated.
I still think he looked sharp, but he was gunning it and less patient than usual, maybe trying to erase the memories of his close one with Selmilov a few weeks back.

Still, got a lovely clean knockdown and, as always, looked a completely rounded operator.

Amateur boxing should be like this across the board, but 3 rounds. WSB should be next step, 5 rounds. That's pretty much what is happening anyway though, right?
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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