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Should Lomachenko try and fight for a 'world' title on his pro debut?

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If he fought at super featherweight definitely, lightweight is a bit tougher and i'd prefer to see him have 1 or 2 10 rounders first
I'm fairly confident he'd beat Roman Martinez
Arturo Gomez (8rounder) → Ji Hoon-Kim → Kevin Mitchell → Antonio Demarco → Lightweight Title

Something like that would be perfect for Lomachenko. Obviously theres loads of names you could throw about but around that level.
I'm not sure its even possible. Even a voluntary defence has to be a top 15 and if the opponent isn't they're generally bumped up the rankings after the fight is made. I'd suggest it'd be impossible for a guy with no fights to gain a ranking but this is the WBC/WBA/WBO/IBF we're talking about...
Audley Harrison was top 15 when he fought haye?
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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