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stephen 'block' reynolds pro debut

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question for slapbangwhallop on stephen 'block' reynolds pro debut..

i'm asking this as a public question fella because others here may be interested.

are you still putting on a show in belfast?...and is stephen 'block' reynolds still on the bill if you are ??
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I wont be putting a show on in Belfast as long as Alio Promotions and Emerald Promotions are firing out small hall shows in the city.

I am helping out Emerald Promotions with their show in Belfast on July 21st where I can and yes Stpehen Reynolds will be making his debut there.

The show is being moved from the Emerald Roadhouse to the Ulster Hall which will be great for its profile. Cant wait for it.
Stephen Reynolds was interviewed on national radio on the Mooney Live Show on RTE Radio 1 today about his work as a parking warden and his pro debut Belfast on July 21st with Emerald Promotions.

You can listen back to the show on the link below. Skip 38mins in for the 6 minute long interview.

Did anyone listen to the show? Seems to be a lot of radio shows in Sligo at the moment.!rii=9:3330783:82:28-06-2012:
Stephen Reynolds talks to Steve Bunce about his professional boxing debut in Belfast

good man doug. Reynolds had a couple of Sligo Rovers players in the gym yesterday doing a bit of training. Should have some snaps later.
If you need some tickets give me a shout. Its a cracking bill with loads of really evenly matched contests.

Looks like its going to be a sell out as well - and a genuine sell out.
Stephen Reynolds and Moses Matovu weigh-in for their fight in Belfast.

Stephen Reynolds next fight confirmed on the upcoming bill in Dublin on November the 3rd!


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1 - 11 of 40 Posts
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