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stephen 'block' reynolds pro debut

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question for slapbangwhallop on stephen 'block' reynolds pro debut..

i'm asking this as a public question fella because others here may be interested.

are you still putting on a show in belfast?...and is stephen 'block' reynolds still on the bill if you are ??
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Its a pity Reynolds didnt go pro 10 years ago, he could have been a really good prospect in the pro game. I cant see him going to far at his age, but good luck to him. He referred on of my amateur fights before, so im assuming he was always involved in the sport in his time away from ring?
good sparring session tonight against 3 different sparring partners from super heavy amatuer to a light heavy and a middleweight....look well against them terrific shape and looks very hungry for this.
Good to hear Doug.

What kind of style does Reynolds have anyways?

Sounds like hes got an exciting style. Hope we get to see some footage of his debut :bbb
Good stuff Doug, good to see that Reynolds won, and that he's fighting again next month in castlebar :good

Out of all the young pros on the card, Donnellan, Mark Ginley, Ray Ginley, Cacace and the like, who do you think are the ones to look out for?
That looks like a very good scrap from the one round ive seen of it, Reynolds is certainly exciting.
1 - 5 of 40 Posts
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