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stephen 'block' reynolds pro debut

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question for slapbangwhallop on stephen 'block' reynolds pro debut..

i'm asking this as a public question fella because others here may be interested.

are you still putting on a show in belfast?...and is stephen 'block' reynolds still on the bill if you are ??
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Sounds like hes got an exciting style. Hope we get to see some footage of his debut :bbb
How have I missed this card its basically up the road from me. Might go for this good mix of belfast fighters as well. Feel bad for Curran against Kiko who looked a bit of a beast against Booth
If you need some tickets give me a shout. Its a cracking bill with loads of really evenly matched contests.

Looks like its going to be a sell out as well - and a genuine sell out.
matuvo is no joke...better than his record suggests
called round by his house tonight to wish the lad a bit of luck for the weekend
"if he beats me..he'll know he's been in some fight"

he's up for it.

60 seater coach completely full + more who are driving up.
Stephen Reynolds and Moses Matovu weigh-in for their fight in Belfast.

just back in.

moses was just as good as i thought he'd be...again, far better than his record suggests.
reynolds won on was a great scrap, and the atmosphere was electric.
a great night for all who went up from this town for him.

few pics from the whole evening..

our 'block' heads :)...

my boy with a few faces...

kiko...won on points..

block at the end of the night...

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Nice 1 dougie, looks a top night, nipper must be chuffed
Glad to see he got the win!

That bird your nipper is stood with wow :lol:
Good stuff Doug, good to see that Reynolds won, and that he's fighting again next month in castlebar :good

Out of all the young pros on the card, Donnellan, Mark Ginley, Ray Ginley, Cacace and the like, who do you think are the ones to look out for?
cacace has power...superb ko in his fight.

donnellan is good and for my money got robbed.

dougie curran actually put up a good stance against kiko who looked like he was really trying to stop him to make a statement to frampton sitting ringside.

hillerby very unlucky..had murtagh down in the first and was winning at a canter and then the shoulder popped out and he fought half a round like that and it looked painful to see...half a round with murtagh all over him too.

it was a great nights boxing.
That looks like a very good scrap from the one round ive seen of it, Reynolds is certainly exciting.
these excellent photos are from

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Stephen Reynolds next fight confirmed on the upcoming bill in Dublin on November the 3rd!


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2nd pro fight tonight...

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