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Steve Collins granted boxing licence for fight with Roy Jones Jr

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Steve Collins says he Roy Jones ran from him back in the 90's and he would come back to fight him. Crazy stuff. Apparently Roy Jones has till Collins turns 50 (He's 48).. to accept..

I'll post a link to another site with the story if someone tells me im allowed..?!
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Bit of a joke this aint it.

If it somehow happened, I'd pick Jones to wallop him. Sure Jones is shot but Collins hasn't boxed competitively for 15 years, even shot Jones will likely be to sharp for him, bigger, more powerful and likely quicker as well.

Hell I think shot Jones will spank Slice as well and I really don't want him to because it'll encourage him to box on. Hell we might even get Jones v Holyfield at this rate.
Roy accepts Collins challenge, tells him to get in contact and they can get it on.
I saw an article a couple of months back where Roy told Collins to send a contract over and they could get it on. Not something I'd like to see but I give it a chance of happening. Suppose it depends on whether a guy in his late 40s can get a license after 15 years of retirement and knowing boxing he probably will.
1 - 3 of 55 Posts
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