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Steve Cunningham slams radio critic

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:lol: The idiot interviewing him is asking for trouble the way he puts his questions forward.

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Cunningham is a butt hurt little girl. I've had enough of his crying and bleeding like a little baby, you got sparked the fuck out, the end.
He should have known how big guys fight, if he wants the decision overturned then he might as well try and get wlad stripped of the titles and loads of his wins overturned :lol: he also forget s the thumb in the eye Ross got from him
Exactly, I mean he just sounds completely pathetic, he keeps saying Tyson did what he was supposed to do and fight like a big man, he was using elbows etc.. It's (heavyweight) boxing, not a pillow fight you are gonna be up against massive men and they aren't going to stroke your hair they are going to lean on you rough you up and push you around, if you don't like it move back down to cruiserweight or retire. I've lost all respect for him and although I had money on him to win I'm now glad he got knocked out.
I dont think fury was even using his elbows that much intentionally, where else were they gonna go in the clinches? And wad it just me or did cunningham look about 6'5/6'6 in the ring?
Just you I think mate, maybe 6'4, at a push.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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