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Summer Rumble 6 Pro Boxing Show - Fight Coverage

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Phil Jeffries put on his 6th annual Summer Rumble at Sunderland's Stadium of Light. The show was covered by Peep Magazine and all fight videos will be added to this thread. Some cracking action throughout the card.

First up....Glenn Foot v Lee Connelly. Enjoy! :)

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Hmmm, I'm gonna be a bit critical here. I do like the Phil Lindsay Peep interviews and the coverage they give and Jeffries does normally do a good job and it is hard up here. I also know he tried to make Foot vs Mould and M Ward vs Parodi and Jenkinson but both fell through, but even with all that the pre interviews were going on about 'best rumble yet', 'great card' etc where to me it looked pretty below par to be honest, even for a small hall show.

This year he has put on relevant fights like a British eliminator for Tommy Ward, Dickens vs Martin Ward and Foot vs Goodings whereas this just seemed a bit of a waste ot time with no more than 6 rounders, no 'opponents' had winning records and bar a couple of knockouts, I think only 1 home fighter lost a round, the rest were near shutouts.

If I was going to a local event, which I do, I'd always want at least one significant 10 or 12 rounder where you didn;t really know who was going to win, this was just academic tune up fights despite Jeffries love of putting on '50/50's for the fans'. I wasn;t there so it may well have been a decent show with good action, but from the outside looking in it just seemed a bit pointless.
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I've got to admit, when I looked at the card it didn't look very competitive but when you looked a bit deeper into the records of some of the away fighters, I was hopeful of getting at least a few fights that would be decent tests. As it turned out, the show was better in depth than expected and although some of the fights were far from tightly matched, the away fighters came to fight, rather than run, and that made the whole thing more enjoyable. I've sat through shows where there's hardly any action at all on the card and it can be painful.

Totally agree with your point re the lack of a title fight or something along those lines. I went to a show in Gateshead recently where the main fight was a masters title fight between Peter Cope and Abdon Cesar. Both good boxers but the fight itself, although well matched and close, was a mess. Then you had some fledglings on the undercard who produced better action and more enjoyable fights. I'll also agree that the card didn't merit a Summer Rumble on face value, much more like a Rainton Meadows show from Jeffries. I know they were looking for title fights, I think Martin Ward was hoping to fight the the European belt. The atmosphere probably lacked a little with there not being one of those Foot v Goodings type fights that set the place alight. As it turned out though, the show did end up being one of the best local shows I've seen in the last few years, for action at least. Whether that's by good luck or judgement from the matchmaker, who cares. :+) Mind you, there have been a few stinkers up here in recent times so that may not be much of a statement. hehe
That's a good balanced reply mate. Do you know when Tommy is due his shot?
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